Spirit: The true essence of the real you that can, and does, express itself in many body’s on many places of being and existing. It is also an etheric realm of unconditional love that seeks to communicate with the physical existence of mankind.
The communication brings proof of survival, or philosophy and guidance offering hope and love from those who have departed to Spirit leaving others to a physical existence.
Spirit has no expectations. It asks that man try to better himself through experiences learnt in a physical lifetime - for the benefit of others.

Soul: The Spirit experiencing itself while in the body, or outside the body.

Paranormal: A term used to define unexplained occurrences that lie outside the realms of earth’s natural laws. These can be through normal experience or scientific explanation.

Phenomena: Earth an extraordinary event. [In scientific usage]. A phenomenon is any event that is observable, however commonplace it might be, even if it requires the use of instrumentation to observe it. For example, in physics, a phenomenon may be a feature of matter, energy, or space and time,

Phenomena Spirit: As demonstrated by physical mediumship phenomena may occur many times or just once. It is beyond Earth’s natural laws, however, as with Earth conditions phenomena is experienced with our human five physical senses objectively and our sixth sense - the sense of reason without instant dismissal of the logical mind.

Ectoplasm: A name given by French professor Charles Richet (1830 -1935) to explain a pliable and visible substance [often described as looking like cheesecloth], which is extracted by Spirit from the medium, without harm or distress - as long as the circle sits in the right conditions - and allows Spirit communicators, as real as you and I, to fully or partly materialize in both light and dark conditions. The communicators can be as solid and be able to touch and talk with sitters. Ectoplasm only comes to life when activated and given intelligence by Spirit.
Ectoplasm is very sensitive to light. A sudden introduction of light causes the ectoplasm to rush back into the medium’s body as ectoplasm is always attached to the medium; it will retract back into the medium’s body at such a rate that it can causes severe burns to the medium’s body and physical harm to the medium organs.

Spirit Energy (General): This is what makes things work in the séance room. The engine room if you like. Spirit energy, powered by spirit not by earth’s natural laws, is what makes phenomena take place. It is the power of the medium through development and the intention from sitters, the blending of love and harmony within a circle environment in a sacred place - the séance room - while always wishing the best for mankind and the selfless train of thought from each of those gathered that the right communication physical phenomena part or full spirit materialization will come to the person or persons most in need at that time.

Spirit Energy (non-ectoplasm): the most ancient of all. Spirit energy has always been with mankind and before mankind evolved. This spirit energy, when used for physical mediumship, appears to be much faster than ectoplasm, allowing spirit and phenomena to happen more quickly with just one phenomena at a time or many manifestations of phenomena happening all at the same time.
This is in contrast to phenomena created with ectoplasm that can be sometimes fast but will always manifest at a set pattern of movement due to the restrictiveness of always being attached to the medium.
Spirit energy works, as a collective with everyone giving of their energy at the same time, however one or more of the group will be the main catalyst for the energy. On many occasions their absence means that there would not be enough energy in the group for manifestation to take place.
Spirit energy is very fast and Earth energy is very slow but given the right conditions Spirit can speed up the Earth energy and lower Spirit’s fast vibration, allowing the two to meet allowing phenomena to occur.
It would seem that on these occasions the whole séance room (which is the cabinet for Spirit) if filled with spirit vapour offering the right energy for one or many objects to move within the room at speed and with intelligence, while at the same time allowing Spirit to partly or fully materializes.

The Medium: Individuals who has the Spirit-given ability to open themselves up mentally and physically as a ‘channel’ to allow Spirit to communicate through them - be this in the form of mental mediumship [clairvoyance] or physical mediumship.
A medium needs self-discipline and the ability to ‘shut themselves off’ from the outside world to allow Spirit to draw close and work through and around them. The spiritual growth of the medium is equally important as the development of his/her mediumship.

Cabinet: A three-sided cabinet-like structure with a blackout curtain placed in the fourth position to complete the square shape. It is inside the cabinet that the medium is seated with the curtain drawn, unless instructed otherwise by Spirit. This allows energy/ectoplasm to build inside the cabinet that can then be used within the séance room for a physical demonstration such as Spirit phenomena and Spirit materialization to take place. Some physical mediums work without a cabinet. In these séance conditions the room is the cabinet.

Transfiguration: Conducted under red light conditions, which allows Spirit communicators to manifest their faces over the medium’s face using an ectoplasmic mask and take on the personality, both in looks and in personality, of the Spirit communicator wishing to speak. Direct voice (direct from Spirit through the creation of a Spirit ‘voice box’ in the séance room) or indirect voice (using the medium’s vocal chords) sometimes occurs during a demonstration of transfiguration.

Physical Circle: A gathering of people [sitters] who are seated together - often in a circle formation - in the mind frame of harmony and love - an essential ingredient to generate the conditions for Spirit communication and phenomena to take place. Sitters are requested not to sit with expectation or in a negative train of thought. Some circles work as a collective while others with work with one physical medium with the others as sitters giving their energy to the medium.
For more detailed information on how to sit for physical see ZP’s ‘How to sit for Physical’ Issue 24.

Séance A group of people (the circle) coming together for the possible creation of spiritualistic phenomena. The gathering can be of two or more people or a larger group of people. Séances can be held in light or dark conditions in a sacred room for the purpose of spiritualistic phenomena. Séance are often held in dark conditions, as this is easier for Spirit to manifest; light breaks down Spirit energy.

Séance Conditions: A clean and sterile room - not a transient environment such as lounge - which should be free from disturbances such as external noise or light penetration during any séance meeting.
For physical mediumship demonstrations the room’s windows and doors will be blacked out using black gaffer tape [see ZP’s ‘How to sit for Physical’ fact sheet Issue 24].

Luminous tabs: Luminous stickers, which need to be charged under a light source before the start of a séance, and are placed on items such as trumpets, chairs, tables etc... This allows sitters to see the objects - often at high speed - move around the room in darkened conditions.

Telekinesis: The movement, often at great speed, of inanimate objects, such as a table, without any noticeable cause - defying the realms of science and physics

Levitation: The ability of a human to rise from the floor unaided or supported by any means other than themselves and Spirit energy.