Our History

Noah Zerdin

Noah Zerdin lived an earthly existence between 1888 -1972cc in London England. He was a great advocate and prompter of Physical Mediumship including bringing the mediumship of the world renowned Direct Voice Medium Mr Leslie Flint to a wider audience.

In his lifetime he organised 'The Link Association Of Home Circles', aware of the importance of developing this form of mediumship through small groups of dedicated people (The Home Circle) who gather together in the Seance room for development of Spirit Phenomena and Spirit Communication.

This process achieved very high standards of mediumship, fully developed in the Home Circle before presenting this rare gift in the public arena. Zerdin Phenomenal continues to request and recommend this way of development today.

Noah Zerdin's greatest achievements was to know that Physical Mediumship is so very important to mankind, showing through the physical manifestation and communication of Spirit people, that we all survive death and go on existing in the Spirit World.


About Us

Zerdin's Past

Zerdin's history is rooted in the past, the present and the future. All three are linked, what has gone before will help the phenomena happening today. We understand that you cannot move forward without knowing our pioneers and our history. We aim to bring the history of Physical Mediumship and Zerdin Phenomenal to the modern world.

We will, with patience, help develop the physical medium of the future, proving life after death through physical mediumship. This has been witnessed before, but the world was not ready. We believe that the world is now ready to accept this great truth; Spirit materialising as solid as you and I.